Adding gift ideas has just become even quicker (and easier)!

April 12, 2021

Keeping up with the ever-changing needs of our closest ones can be challenging, and coming up with the perfect gift is rarely an easy task.

This is why we built Anywish in the first place. We want to do everything possible to make gift-giving easier and to empower more people to simply give better gifts.

For this reason, we are thrilled to introduce our brand new browser extension, a tool that makes collecting gift ideas absolutely effortless.

An overview of the new Anywish browser extension.

Try it out immediately on Chrome, Edge, Opera, or other browsers; or keep reading to learn more.

Add gifts instantly from anywhere on the Web

The Anywish extension adds an innocuous but powerful button to your browser’s toolbar. Visit any product page, from any store, then click the Anywish button to instantly add that product to any of your wish lists, using the name, image, price, and currency of the product as they appear on the page. It’s a great way to capture gift ideas quickly, as you browse.

A hidden superpower

The button is neat, but we thought you’d want even more. This is why you can also right-click on any link, image, or text to add it. This powerful feature lets you add products directly from result pages, or simply select some text and add it as a quick idea reminder.

Our new browser extension is the perfect companion to Anywish’s powerful wishlists. We hope it makes gift-giving the pleasing, fulfilling activity it should be for your family, friends, and yourself. Add it right now to Chrome, Edge, Opera, or other browsers.

Anywish is a wishlist that allows you to organize your gift ideas. Give it a try, for free.

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