Turbocharge your wishlists with the latest version of Anywish

September 30, 2020

The holiday season is almost upon us and to help you get ready, we are introducing a significant update to Anywish. We hope you’ll enjoy the new functionalities it has to offer.

Unfurling lets you add products from any store

Adding items is now easier than ever thanks to a new feature called Unfurling. Using only a link from any online store, Anywish can import an item, automatically adding the correct image, name, price, and other relevant details. Adding items is now as simple as copy-pasting a link.

Quickly add ideas

Gift ideas can be fleeting. To help you capture them quickly and easily, we’ve added a widget at the top of the list screen. Anything you type will be instantly added. Pictures can also be instantly snapped, and of course, pasting a link will import the full item.

Drag and drop

Further leveraging the Unfurling functionality, you can now pick up any item from any online shop, drop it on the Anywish window, and it’ll be automatically added to your list. This feature is supported on all desktop browsers as well as iPadOS.

Add gifts using your currency

The most common currencies.

We now support all international currencies, allowing you to add items from local shops with accurate pricing. Your currency is automatically detected using your browser’s configuration, but can also be manually set via the Settings page.

This change is part of a larger internationalization effort. You can expect more languages to be introduced over time, supporting users from all over the world.

Faster performance for a better experience

We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to improve performance. Anywish can now easily support over 1000 items in every list, giving you plenty of room to collect gift ideas.

One more thing…

We will be launching the browser extension very soon. This powerful tool will make your wishlisting even easier on desktop browsers. Stay tuned to learn more.

We hope these new features will help make your life easier. If you haven’t tried Anywish yet, this is the perfect moment to take it for a spin. We think you’ll love it!

Anywish is a wishlist that allows you to organize your gift ideas. Give it a try, for free.

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